The GG Membership

The GG Membership


Stop watching other peoples' "hacks" and "tricks" and start focusing on your own individual journey.

Their journey ISN'T yours, so why try and copy them?



Does this sound like you?

😥 Struggling to stay consistent with your studies
😥 Spends more time searching for new tools, books and tutorials than actually studying
😥 Tired of setting goals because the goals never seem to come through

⭐ The Gladly Global Membership includes weekly meetings, prompts, language coaching and more to help keep you on task, motivated and happy about your progress! ⭐


Join the GG Membership to:

🧡 Meet weekly and chat daily with like minded, passionate language learners
🧡 Join monthly events for no extra cost to broaded your perception and understanding of different languages and cultures
🧡 Get both group language coaching and access to 1-on-1 individual coaching to create an individual plan tailored to your learning style, needs and time.

What people have to say 📩

"Before joining the accountability group, I've been learning Korean on and off for 2.5 years, spending days on YouTube or Instagram searching for "the right method to learn languages". I was becoming more and more frustrated, wasn't satisfied with my progress and most of all did not really enjoy what I was doing. As a full-university student and someone who's been actively involved in local politics for years now, I never really managed to build learning habits that correspond to my goals and dreams and that connect my passions and interests. With the weekly input and feedback on goal-setting, productivity and time and energy management provided by the Gladly Global team, they helped me answer not only the "How" but also the "Why" when it comes to learning languages. Through the 1:1. coaching, Gladly Global helped me create my personal way of studying that is challenging enough to improve and fun enough to stay consistent. With the family-like environment of the accountability group, we get to exchange insights with like-minded people and help each other in building confidence in what we can and who we want to be" — Julia @/catchingthelight_


Our membership community focuses on providing you with these three pillars:

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🔬 SCIENCE 🧪 Our team brings SLA-Linguistics and years of teaching experience to the table when helping you build your language routines and chose your learning tools.

Perspective 👁️ A different person brings a different set of experiences and predispositions! Our group makes it possible to look at different language concepts from different angles and lenses— it's impossible to run out of new ideas and new motivations.

Accountability 🤝 As a self-study learner, the biggest challenge to language learning is actually, just getting yourself to study! Consistency is key, so we give you weekly prompts, meetings and discussions to keep your head on languages.



Other Perks to Being a Member 💫

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Monthly Events
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Access to short 1-on-1 coaching sessions
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FREE Access to the quarterly Polyglot Magazine
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Freebies and Printables


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