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We're Passionate About Your Studies!

We help self-study learners (like us!) acquire confidence in their target languages
I've been active in the language learning community online in one way or another for almost 10 years, and I've seen the language market change a lot in that time also, there are way more resources available to us now as self-study language learners and it's amazing! It's starting to become common knowledge also, that language learning does not need to be done in a classroom setting- that in fact, self-study can be way more fruitful than traditional methods.
Still, there's one thing that hasn't changed: Self-Study language learners still struggle to stay consistent and don't know how to get to their goals. Language, as a subject, is not like other studies. You can't just pick up a book and know where you'll be at the end of it. There's so much trial and error, and a lot of frustration in between- it's easy to be studying similar things for years on end!
We started Gladly Global to help learners like us understand language learning better, to help them achieve their goals, make realistic projections and stay consistent.



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📕 How to Make Kimchi (Free Event in our Server) Nov. 7th!
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🖥️ Website Revamp
📖 The Joy of Reading Issue
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“Our group feels like a welcoming community. We all help each other to be productive, find resources and share our struggles. I feel inspired and supported every day!"

—  Eliza, Australia

The resent corona situation has been quite trying and my language journey was sort of coming to a halt. Being apart of the Gladly Global Community made me feel extremely motivated and the enthusiasm that I see from likeminded people has made me want to reset. Deepest gratitude to your team!!

—  IG @moyavita

“Joining your server was the best booster for my productivity yet!"

—  Dabby, Poland

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