Language Coaching

Language Coaching

Learn the most effective ways to learn a language and be speaking as soon as possible!

In 2021 the problem language learners face is not a lack of resources, explanations or tutors, but an influx of the newest tools, most interactive texts and endless language exchange opportunities— and no idea what to do with them. Language learning is a different kind of studying. Don't waste more money on tools, learn how to work with your monkey brain and learn that language!!

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Key Insights You Will Learn in Our Sessions:

  • New methods, tips and tricks to acquire language skills
  • How to leverage 'Language Acquisition' in harmony with 'Language Learning'
  • Learn how language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening etc.) interact with each other
  • Learn why it takes so long for the brain to adjust to a new language and how to combat it.
  • Time management and environment curating skills to help you stay consistent in a language
  • Discuss different methods, their pros and cons to find a system that is most likely to fit your learner type.
  • Learn to accurately estimate how long it will take you to acquire specific language skills
  • Understanding the 1% Rule of improvement, and why habit building and lifestyle changes are essential for the budding polyglot
  • Analytical framework to help you distill deeper understanding from the phrasing and make-up of words and grammar


👩🏻‍🏫 What is CQ?

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) refers to the skill to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. It’s the capability to cross boundaries and prosper in multiple cultures. It goes beyond our existing knowledge of cultural sensitivity and awareness by highlighting certain skillsets and capabilities needed to successfully realise your objectives in culturally diverse situations.
An individual possessing cultural intelligence is not just aware of different cultures – they are able to culturally adapt and effectively work and relate with people across a variety of cultural contexts. Cultural intelligence links to emotional intelligence but goes a bit further. People with high emotional intelligence can pick up on the emotions, wants and needs of others. People with high cultural intelligence are attuned to the values, beliefs and styles of communication of people from different cultures. They use this knowledge to help them relate to others with empathy and understanding.

Language learners benefit from raising their CQ and learning the skills to continuously distill, understand and re-produce foreign concepts into their language ability.

Don't just learn a language, learn a new frame of understanding!


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Meet Our Coach, Rae

My Languages 🔻🗣️

Korean, Japanese, Jamaican, English, Spanish, Swedish & Mandarin

My Experience 🌅

Having been teaching languages formally and informally for 7 years, and self-teaching myself 5 languages I have acquired a nuanced understanding of what it takes to learn a language. From children in pre-school to retired folk looking to jog their cognitive function, the essense of language acquisition and its fundamental principals are the same. Here are just some examples of my experience:
🇰🇷 Teaching High School Students in Seoul Assistant English teacher in Seoul Korea. Here I created study plans and tutored students 1-on-1 to counsel their speaking skills and nurture their love for the language.
👩🏻‍🏫 Language Consulting at the International Youth Fellowship During my time at the IYF I tutored and taught full classes between 6 and 40 students at a time English, Spanish, Korean and Language Arts. We also travelled around Jamaica to inner-city schools and taught the value of a second language.
🇯🇵 Teaching English in Tokyo (all ages) Worked at a "English Conversation" school 1-on-1 with hundreds of different kinds of students of different ages, goals and backgrounds.
🎤 Speaking at Women in Languages
I've spoken at various events on languages as frames for world views and "ways of knowing". I'm passionate about stretching the concept of language past words and syntax.


Who is it for?

⭐ sessions are held in English
⭐ CQ stands for Cultural Intelligence
🥑 inquire for student or Caribbean discount

Language & CQ Coaching for Aspiring Polyglots

Polyglotism is more than learning languages, it is a way of life.

Language & CQ Coaching for Students

Discounted coaching for university students studying any form of Linguistics, International Business, Foreign Language Studies, History or PoliSci. Not for hobbyists. (Please mention your major in the contact form)

Language & CQ Coaching for International Business, Cultural Awareness+

Language coaching for professionals or people aspiring to move into another cultural space or work with international coworkers and employees.

Language & CQ Coaching for Diplomats & Expats

Learn what it takes to acquire the essential language knowledge for diplomatic encounters and short stays in various languages. Tighten your language skills to remove the friction between you and comfortable A2-B1 fluency in multiple languages. ***not available for immediate booking, please email or schedule a free consultation first.

Weekly Group Accountability via Gladly Global

$30 / month
For enthusiasts on a tighter budget who want accountability and community, we have a group every Sunday at 4PM CEST. It's apart of the Gladly Global membership and includes other perks. (

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