Issue 7 - The Joy of Reading

Issue 7 - The Joy of Reading

Thank you for pre-ordering issue 7: The Joy of Reading! The new issue drops late on December 13th 2021, so refresh this page then to get your download! You will also receive the issue via email if you disclosed that information in the order process.

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About the Magazine

The Gladly Global Polyglot Magazine deals with any and all things language! We aim to not only explore languages and how they work, but to deepen the discourse around languages in a meaningful way. It’s a magazine made for the language community, by the language community. We bring nuanced stories, opinion pieces, and practical tools for language-lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike. Language is much more than words and grammar, and together we’ll discover the beauty and nuance in communication.

About the Team

We are a group of language learners from all over the world who are passionate about travel, self-improvement and cultural exchange.
Our mission is to support self-study language learners by demystifying language acquisition and helping them to develop efficient study systems so they can achieve their goals in a healthy, sustainable way. We also seek to establish a vibrant language community that serves its members and fosters long-lasting bonds and companionship.

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